13 kilometers travelled by driverless engine

On Wednesday, a dangerous incident happened when a driverless train engine ran for 13 km from Wadi station in Karnataka without driver. The pilot of the train chased the engine for 20 minutes and finally made it stop a km ahead of the next station Nalwar. The train Mumbai Mail which came from Chennai arrived Wadi station around 3 PM and the engine was detached from it for the journey to Solapur. After the engine was detached the driver came out and suddenly the engine began to move. The stations which were coming ahead were informed to clear the tracks as the engine was moving with a speed of 30 km/ph, Wadi station manager and the pilot set off on a bike. By then, efforts had been started to lay logs on the tracks to stop the train. The chase ended around 3.50 PM when the speed of the engine decreased to 10 km/ph and the driver got on it and stopped it.