Govt. gives precautions to be taken against dust storm going to hit the Capital

A dust storm had hit the Capital on Monday night with wind speeds of upto 70 kmph. The temperature was brought down by the storm after a hot day. The MeT Department has warned that a storm can hit the Capital on Tuesday, with wind speeds upto 50-70 kmph, following which the Delhi government has took many preventive measures. The government also ordered closure of schools running between 3-7 PM. The government has also issued a list of dos and don’ts to deal with any situation caused by the storm. It also gave certain instructions to agencies such as PWD, MCD, BSES, DJB, DFS, RWA’s and civil defence. The Delhi Traffic police issued the field formation to be ready with equipments to remove obstacles like fallen trees, poles etc., in order to ensure free flow of traffic. The citizens are advised to stay indoors especially while the storm is in action. It is advised to stay away from overhead power lines, trees, street lights etc. The storm is expected to cause a lot of destruction. If the wind speed rises to more than 90 kmph, then theĀ  metro trains would be stationed at the platforms and no train would be allowed to enter a station with speed more than 15 kmph. Once the wind speed decreases to at least 85 kmph, the services would be resumed again.