Methods to inculcate valuable manners in the ward


1. When entering the house, greet the children or even hug them with a happy face. This develops their sense of love and self worthness.

2. Be good to the neighbors and avoid backbite or quarrels. Never abuse other drivers when on the road.  Children are very good learners here, they listen, they  absorb and would emulate the same in future with or without you.

3. When calling or talking to the parents, encourage children to listen to them carefully. When visiting parents if parents are staying away from you, take children to visit their grand parents. The more they see you taking care of your parents the more they will learn to take care of you in future.

4. When dropping them to school, don’t always play music in the car. Rather, tell them some motivational stories yourself or something interesting with a motivation to make them start reasoning the life. This will have a greater impact – trust me! go long and results would be amplified.

5. Read to them  short stories and even a scripture a day – it doesn’t take much time, but very deep in creating strong bonds and wonderful memories between you and them.

6. Comb your hair, clean your teeth and wear presentable cloths even if sitting at home and not going out for the day. They need to learn that being clean and tidy has nothing to do with going out! you are being copied, please note that.

7. Try not to blame or comment on every word or action they say or do or simply avoid blame game. Learn to overlook and let go sometimes. This certainly builds their self-confidence.

8. Ask your children’s permission before entering their rooms. Don’t just knock and enter, but then wait for a verbal permission. They will learn to do the same when wanting to enter your room and hence a manner of privacy is passed through small step.

9. Apologize to your children if you made a mistake. Apologizing teaches them to be humble and polite in society.

10. Don’t be sarcastic or make fun of their views or feelings, even if you “didn’t mean it” and was “only joking”. It really hurts and would create a negative impression for the longer time.

11. Show respect to your children’s privacy. Its important for their sense of value and self-esteem.

12. Don’t expect that they will listen or understand the first time. Don’t take it personal. But be patient and consistent.

13. Pray with them. Show them how to pray. Lead by example.

14. In addition, ask them to discuss their daily plans after the morning prayers. Children without concrete daily plans usually join others in executing theirs. They fall easy to peer pressure.

15. Hold them and bless them specially every morning.

Please share with other parents.