Teen Murti renamed after Israeli city

Teen Murti Haifa Chowk | Two Cities

India and Israel shared a deep bond in bilateral ties to unconditional support to each other, in the same precedence Israel is one of the strongest nation in terms of technological advancement be it defense sector weapons to the day to day technological innovations useful in improving Indian Infrastructural architect.

Teen Murti Haifa Chowk (c) etimg.com
Indian PM Narendra Modi and Israelian PM Benjamin Netanyahu (c) newsx.com

Haifa, an Israelian city has been chosen to amalgamate the renaming process of well-known city of Teen Murti and architecture display in the heart of central New Delhi, the capital of India. The name signifies the strong relationship between the two countries and a facet of the tribute towards the unconditional support by the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in taking forward the legacy over a decade.

Interestingly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently visited the capital city of Israel Tel Aviv and has built up strong relations with the PM Netanyahu, both shared a beach cab drive and discussed out the potentials of the country level work and trade.

In news, this is expected that Israel would be sharing its water filtering technology with India to testify if this could be helpful in creating a large availability of water inaccessible due to saline and dissolved salt impurities.

Continuing to the conversation PM Narendra Modi offered the PM Netanyahu to visit India and help the two nations explore possibilities to nurture the potentials unused.

From now onwards, the Teen Murti chowk would be known by the name Teen Murti Haifa chowk. The renaming would be signifying a deeper meaning than that it appears to be.