Actress Sri Devi died of..

Rip Sri Devi

While the nation is in deep sorrow and the body of the legendary actress Sri devi is yet to be flown to Indian soil from Dubai, social media is viral with anonymous reasons listed across the web listed for the shocking news of the death of Actress Sri Devi on 24th February 2018.

Out of the probability of the conditions in which the body had been found in the bathroom without any mark on the body of any forced attempt, the tentative indications shows involvement of extra ordinary reasons behind the death.

Though the autopsy of the body, shall reveal if there would be anything more than that of a cardiac arrest.

Let us know a bit more of cardiac arrest or heart attack.

Heart muscles are the non involuntary muscles in the category of cardiac muscles involve in the pumping of blood through out the nerves aorta and Vena cava within fractions of seconds and 2 bumps of heart beat.

Sometimes due to multiple reasons like fat or bad cholesterol or blockage in the nerves due to many reasons results in the resistance of blood supply to the body. When this happens for a longer duration, a stage comes when the flow of blood abrupt and a chronic pain arises in the heart muscles. This phase is when the heart is unable to work and out of a sudden broken supply the stage cardiac arrest or heart attack arises.

Normally this is in general that a human body has the tendency to cope up with maximum 3 heart attacks in their life. However in the case of actress Sri Devi ji, this seems to have an impacting heart attack which her body couldn’t bear through.

Unfortunately, in India there are thousands of cases of heart attacks every week and people are still prone to this deadly disease without knowledge or idea of the symptoms of the early stages involved.

There are many insurance firms providing health insurance covering deadly diseases like heart attack, though many people are blessed with sufficient wealth to take the proper surgery and treatment but still the majority of lives are lost due to the very high cost of cure of this deadly ailment.