CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018

The biggest trends in technology are every year revealed in the CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Every year the event is held in Las Vegas. The following are some of the new technologies that came up this year
The Next-gen Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality was one of the most attention drawer of this year. At the CES, HTC launched ‘Vive Pro’ with dual-OLED displays, dual microphones and active noise cancellation. While, Facebook owned Oculus partnered with Xiaomi and launched a new stand-alone VR headset called MI VR Standalone. It has a 2k high resolution fast-switch LCD screen, next-generation lenses and an integrated spatial audio.

                          The MI VR Standalone                  
Smart Robots

Aibo, the most popular dog robot made by Sony made a comeback in the CES 2018. The new revived Aibo features glassy OLED eyes, a camera fitted into nose that doubles up as a web cam, a gyroscope and motors. The robot uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to learn and interact with its owner.

                                      Sony Aibo
New smarter TVs

At the CES, Samsung launched a massive 146-inch TV with microLED display called “The Wall” with a bezel-less design. Samsung said that its new TVs will support SmartThings, Samsung’s Internet of Things platform. LG introduced a 65-inch 4k OLED display that can be rolled up like a newspaper. LG said that it thought of making a flexible TV for the convenience of customers: so that the buyer could easily move and store the device anywhere. Apart from LG’s ground-breaking flexible OLED display, it launched a giant 88-inch TV with 8k resolution. The TV is powered by LG’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform, ThinQ.

                              The Wall : Samsung


The world’s slimmest laptop

Taiwanese hardware and electronics company, Acer revealed the world’s thinnest laptop Swift7, at the CES 2018. The laptop is powered by Intel Core i7 processor. It is just 8.98 mm thick and has a battery which lasts throughout the day. The laptop will go on sale for $1,699 (Rs. 108,132 approximately).

                                   The Acer Swift7
New technology in sound

Google and Amazon are contesting in a race for smart home speakers.  Google upped the ante by partnering with companies like LG and Sony to launch Google Assistant-powered smart speakers. These will also feature ‘Smart Displays’ that will let users control music and even lock and unlock doors.

        Google Assistant-powered smart speaker
Mind-Controlled Cars

At the CES, Nissan showcased a new technology in which brain signals are used to predict and control vehicles. The Brain-to-Vehicle (B2V) platform includes a headgear loaded with sensors and algorithms to measure brain activity wich it can translate into signals to control vehicles. The technology can transmit a driver’s decision into action within 300 milliseconds.