Why Bollywood movies can’t match Hollywood movies?

As per the topic this article discuss about the differences between Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies, why can’t the Bollywood and Hollywood match, Reason why Bollywood lags with Hollywood, what the changes should be done and many more…

Melodrama: The first thing comes in mind after listening Bollywood movie means “Melodrama”. The story related to the family, friends with some villeins. In fact there are lots of movies which are different and teaches us something different such as Lagaan, Mission Mangal etc. These are some iconic movies but most of the movies of Bollywood are like fighting each-other and full of love stories. But listening to the English movies we think movie will be like full of technology, Action, Adventure etc. This is also not true, Hollywood also make movies on love stories, family melodrama.

Music: When the new movie comes in the market we expect that there will some good songs and music in Bollywood. The regular musical numbers are also for the local public, who will buy a ticket to a theatre hall. Filmmakers want them to be entertained so that they keep coming back. But in Hollywood we hardly find any single song or music. These songs and music increases the time span of the movie so the Bollywood movies are long as compared to the Hollywood.

Technology: If we compare the special Effects or animations in Hollywood to the Bollywood, Hollywood’s quality is clearly better. As going through the movies like Avtaar, star wars etc these movies have high special effects and animations. These are achieved with good deal of time and planning. But in Hindi movies production houses are giving a lot of movies in a year, then how can we expect a high quality animation movies.

Creativity: Both makes good creative movies. News of movies in these days surrounds with the creativity that a certain hero broke the physics law. But if fact Hollywood also does the same but we don’t say anything. One more aspect is that in India all the people are surrounded with the politics and family melodrama so the Bollywood make the movies mostly related to that but Hollywood have wide area such as Science-fiction, Humanity, movies related to god. So what the people like both make the movie keeping this in mind. Hindi movie news and English movies news both posted about the success of Bollywood movies over Hollywood movies.

Action practitioner: Hollywood have a huge number of Action-er so they produce movie in action and adventure in a large amount. There is also the effect of camera or video recording device which enhances the features. Bollywood don’t have that much actor in action area. news2021 about action movies published about this .

Conclusion: Both are making good movies. Hollywood and Bollywood both are very much different. According to the culture both are making the movies. Sometimes Bollywood makes good movies and sometimes Hollywood makes good movies. Both are unique at there place.