Earthquake Tremors Last Night | Nature’s Call


Earthquake Tremors Last Night | Nature’s Call

Earthquake Tremors Last Night | Nature’s Call

Last night earthquake tremors, not just any stated a statement of another natural warning in addition to the one previously experienced by us Human beings in the whole Year of 2020.

The ball is in our court now, completely up to the human being to learn and improve. The human life span is hardly 70-80 years of average, yet we plan to extort the planet which existed way beyond our existence on earth.

What we have done so far is concerning and alarming to nature’s balance.

  • Depletion of natural habitat and converting it completely into the concrete man-made structure, somewhere greenery is way lost in the goal towards growth.
  • Overexploitation of natural resources, this is not just limited to the plants and fossils but also including flora and fauna as a whole.
  • Mental distress, rat-race world, leaving everything in a fast and hazy that simply cannot be a justifiable parameter for everyone. Just like a race between a Dolphin and Lion, there is no match to the skill to the caliber.
  • Cultural damage, believe it or not, the concept of being family (taking human beings as a whole is also distorted in terms of rich-poor, race, caste. religion, beliefs, and much more). The problem is not the diversity, but it is the supremacy that one tries to superimpose on others.

What are the solutions to the issues mentioned above? How do we see a better tomorrow while understanding the balance has to be created?

  • Carbon footprint: taking it on a serious note, more balanced approach, more habitable our earth becomes.
  • Education: Not just the elementary education system, but a proper stream of knowledge flow has to be paved for the new-gen right from day 1.
  • There are many countries as a sample set for us to understand as what balances are required for specifically us, as a country or as a state or as a city or as a local society to our own homes.
  • Research and development in the sectors of renewable sources of energy and gradually giving up the dependency on the non-renewable resources.
  • From a Business prospectives, trade always happened to be the main architecture of commerce and mode of living. Name a business that doesn’t depend on this, it is us who have to make it more versatile hence creating harmony and peace in the world around us.
  • The idea is to give while you take, this has to be the message delivered across age, gender, family, business, politics, the world as a whole.

Before it’s too late let’s start thinking, start bringing the nature’s balance in terms of not just habitat, but in every aspect that have a deep impact on the world we are looking at Tomorrow.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to share or add your views on this theme.

Author: Tao Cruze Photo credits: MediaMix: Alexa’s voiceOver