Gmail Servers Down, failed to send Attachments

Gmail Servers Down, failed to send Attachments

Gmail Servers Down, failed to send Attachments

Since the morning of 20th August 2020, Gmail servers are down. Users across the globe are unable to send the emails and attachments are not being uploaded.


This problem is not just with Gmail free accounts but also with the corporate accounts as well. So if one has the Gmail business account or the private domain email ids are mapped to Gmail host then they will all be facing the same issue.


However, emails without attachments are working fine and delivering timely as usual. In the initial hours, the problem was with the size of the attachment more than 2MBs. Now not even 100KBs of files are getting attached.


What are the alternatives to this?

  • Sending attachment via links where the files are hosted on other hosting platforms
  • in case if image paste options like Tabular reports, one can edit the same in Microsoft Excel and then paste the same there hence making it not as attachments.
  • Using Document sharing options on WhatsApp, Telegram, Hike, Facebook or any other social media websites offering document sharing options
  • Other paid platforms like WeTransfer, Fileshare are also reliable in case the information shared is not sensitive or cannot be harmful leaked.
  • Servers like Amazon or any other local hosting service providers can help well in this situation if the problem persists

What can be the possible reasons behind this sudden issue?

  • There are theories that to avoid any spread of a noticed virus or technical glitch Gmail Team have taken immediate precautions
  • The servers migrations happening for Gmail so it’s a temporary glitch which has taken so long time.
  • New Gmail product or testing failed to result in mass disruption of services
  • Cyberattack or preventive measure to do fix before on happens
  • It may be just a glitch and nothing to worry about and it will be back to normal soon.

Please feel free to write to us with your doubts in the comment section if you need more information or updates on this.

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