Pushpa The Rise Part 1 Movie Review Part 1

“Mein Jhukega Nai”

Punchline from the movie Pushpa the rise part 1
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How deep is the story?

The new trend of cinema is not to wrap up all in one go but to leave deep suspense in the ending to have a sequel project ready. Pushpa, the rise part 1 is all about bringing the initial phase of the story where actor Allu Arjun has done a strong main lead role in the movie. If we talk about the storyline, it has indeed uncovered quite unearthed wrongdoings in the country with strong support from the corrupt administration to the red light politicians involved in illegal activities.

Talking about the turning points of the story, Pushpa is haunted by his childhood and had lived an uncomfortable life along with his mother, the sole bread earner in the family left to abandon by the relatives. I would not be revealing the exact story here as I would encourage one must see it at least once.

Is it a drama/crime story/a love story/or is it a clubbed fiction of all themes?

The story seems to be incomplete if we restrict our horizon to only crime sort of fiction. It is indeed a very good movie for the youth to understand their ability to learn the most important takeaways from the movie. Why would you restrict yourself to a certain fixed amount if you know that you are the sole driver of the business/idea that results in a very big cut? The entrepreneurial ambition in Pushpa be it self-respect or be it a move with long-term growth pushed him to negotiate for a percentage in the total stake rather than fixing it up to a set amount per deal. The trade, you do it legally then you would surely be finding it in an absolute sensible way to see a good investment of your valuable time. If we would want a combination of criminal fiction while adding the core rules of business to grow and expand, this is what we can call the storyline of Pushpa.

Like the movie itself is a 2.55 hr long show, we would also likely be breaking the review content in a way that our readers would not just read it and lose the essence in a day but have an in-depth analysis of this movie.

Till then – watch or download the movie from the amazon prime video OTT platform.

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