Corona Virus Vaccine by Russia : Sputnik V

Corona Virus Vaccine by Russia_Sputnik V

Russia Launches ‘Sputnik V’ for COVID-19

    • What is the name of this vaccine: Sputnik V
    • Who developed this vaccine: Gamaleya Institute in Moscow

    • When did the Human trial start: 17th June on 76 Volunteers



    • Has commercial production started: According to Kirill Dmitriev (head of Sovereign wealth fund), Russia has already received foreign requests for 1 billion doses.

    • What are the allegations: Russia has been accused of hacking the sensitive Data on progressive vaccination development by US, Canada, and Britain.



    • What is Russia’s stand on the fastest result in developing the vaccine: According to the Russian officials, as a matter of fact, this vaccine is the upgraded version post the progress Russian Scientists had achieved on the Ebola Fever vaccine in Africa.


    • What are the concerns of the Experts: According to many experts, the vaccine seems to be a result of mad race to bring the vaccine in the world market and take control of the market. On the other hand, some experts are also concerned about unsafe reactions pertaining to Vaccines on Humans and should have taken more tests and trials to declare the vaccine.

  • What WHO has to say for this Vaccine: WHO has denied giving go ahead or approval on the Covid-19 Vaccine before a deep review on the history of trials and complete information about all phases of development and for the vaccine launched by Russia, according to WHO the are still in discussion with Russian authorities to get the complete details and verify before giving any official node to the Vaccine.