New-Look Purana Qila will be opening soon to the public

New-Look Purana Qila will be opening soon to the public

Inaccessible parts of Purana Quila, where excavations were conducted by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to dig out historical evidence related to the pre-Mauryan period, will be opening soon to the public. The inauguration ceremony of redeveloped Purana Quila lake complex and illumination of the fort. “The work to set up a thematic museum is on the verge of completion.

New Avatar, visitors will have to pay ₹20 to enter the lake complex

The National Building Construction Corporation (NBCC) has redeveloped the lake and its surroundings. During the fresh excavation that took place last year, the ASI had discovered ancient coins, painted grey wares, and antiquities.



The project was implemented in three phases starting with basic conserving and restoring activities, deepening of the lake, revamping and extending the museum, renovating the parking and improving the visual appeal of the structure. A number of tourist amenities have also been created, including a parking area, cafeteria, Souvenir shops, new ticketing counters, CCTV surveillance, drinking water, and toilet facilities.

The lake redevelopment project spreading over 28 acres included refurbishment of the moat, illumination, landscaping, development of a central antiquity museum, installation of decorative lights, aerating fountains, and construction of other facilities.

“People could avail the newly inaugurated facilities with an entry ticket of ₹20 only to the moat and enjoy the evening illumination,” Sharma said.

The NBCC adopted the site under the culture ministry’s ‘adopt a monument’ scheme last year. The project cost is ₹30 crore, which shared by NBCC and ASI equally.

Addressing the gathering, the minister said it is our responsibility to protect our rich cultural heritage on the world platform. After redevelopment of the complex, more people will come to the fort and they will get to know more about our prestigious history, culture, and heritage. The goal of the ministry is to make historic monuments public friendly to instill pride in them.