Trending topics July – August 2017

The Most Trending events during July-August 2017

  • Article 35A, Jammu and Kashmir 2017.

  • Gorakhpur, unfortunate death of 30 children due to lack of oxygen cylinder supply.

  • Introduction of screening to examine children’s mental health, MOU.

  • Vadodara, Riots an issue suppressed for long time.

  • Athirapilly Project, another issue provoking two southern states.

  • Elections, The new President and vice President of India.

  • Why is Japan reluctant to provide micro grid power system for India?

  • The Era of Electric and Hybrid vehicles in India.

  • Highlights and MoU during Indian ASEAN Summit 2017

  • Somalia and India, how are the countries associated?

  • Kenyan elections, and India as economic socio partner for Kenya’s development

  • The Pros and Cons of GST on the lower class of Indian economy.

  • Flood in West Bengal, a threat which is predictive but why nothing could be done to avoid it.

  • RBI slapped Government with the expenses during note ban, fiscal deficit a new concern.

  • Journey of the Niti Ayog post rename #Planning commission

  • Does “Right to Privacy” soon a fundamental right to be added in the constitutional reform?

  • UK bans petrol and diesel vehicles.

  • ObamaCare a debate to pick up soon.

  • Dokalam dispute between India and China, the reaction of the world, a report.

With all these above topics, the list of top trending topics of July and August concludes. Please follow the links on the respective topic to read more on the topics shared.


References and credit: Hindu/The BBC documentary