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After achieving all targets and all responsibilities as a Private Co. Employee… Finally retired and enjoying his remaining period of his life with his wife… ?

With great ability comes great responsibility
Words have the power to hurt and heal
Many a times we end up speaking without thinking and we may cause lots of pain to someone
Use words and speech for affection and love
Respect and Value People
Live Positive Think Positive
——————-?? ??——————————

Interviewer – अपना.. चरित्र प्रमाणपत्र दिखलाओ!

Candidate – Sir ! लाना भूल गया!

Interviewer – अच्छा कोई बात नही , लाओ अपना.. मोबाइल ही.. दिखला दो।??


तरस तो मुझे उन लड़को पर आता है??
जिनकी राशि कन्या है लेकिन कुंडली में कन्या नहीं ??