SC verdict Live Updates: Linking of mobile, bank accounts with Aadhaar card not mandatory


SC verdict Live Updates: Linking of mobile, bank accounts with Aadhaar card not mandatory

Live Updates (Afternoon)

01:00 PM

We see Supreme Court order on Aadhaar as a big victory of Modi government: BJP

12:58 PM

Former Attorney General of India Soli Sorabjee on Aadhaar verdict

Though personally, I am happy with Justice Chandrachud’s judgment striking it down on the ground that it bothers right to privacy: Former Attorney General of India Soli Sorabjee on #Aadhaar verdict

12:56 PM

Congress welcomes SC decision on Aadhaar, says it is ‘slap’ on BJP’s face (Twitter Report)

12:31 PM

Justice Ashok Bhushan delivered that he broadly agrees with Sikri, taking the majority to four, thus turns out to be a 4:1 verdict.

12:28 PM

Here’s a list of services where Aadhaar is not required

  1. Mobile companies cannot ask for Aadhaar
  2. Private bodies can’t access your Aadhaar
  3. Aadhaar not needed for school admissions
  4. Aadhaar not required for opening of bank accounts
  5. For UGC, NEET and CBSE examinations
  6. The government can’t disclose data on national security grounds


12:20 PM

This is what the Supreme Court did not like about Aadhaar

It has struck down several provisions that could have infringed the privacy or gave unnecessary exposure to personal information.

12:15 PM

Supreme Court refuses to refer to 7-judge bench its 2006 verdict on SC/ST job promotion

12:05 PM

We welcome the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act. Private entities are no longer allowed to use Aadhaar for verification purposes. #AadhaarVerdict

Morning Updates

11:40 AM

Aadhaar card is mandatory for PAN linking: Supreme Court

11:37 AM

Supreme Court allows the passage of Aadhaar as a money bill

11:34 AM

Aadhaar need not be made compulsory for school admissions: SC

11:33 AM

Court strikes down section 57 of Aadhaar Act

11:28 AM

SC upholds constitutional validity of Aadhaar

Supreme Court upholds the constitutional validity of #Aadhaar

11:24 AM

Aadhaar means unique and it is better to be unique than being best: Supreme Court

11:16 AM

Individual and corporates cannot collect aadhaar data, says SC

The controversial section 33(2) of the Aadhaar Act, which makes an exception to the primacy of security of data of an individual and allows an officer of the rank of joint secretary to disclose it in matters of national security, has been revoked by the Supreme Court.

11:02 AM

There is a difference between Aadhaar card and identity: Justice Sikri

Supreme Court Justice Sikri while reading out the verdict on the constitutional validity of #Aadhaar: There is a fundamental difference between Aadhaar card and identity.

10:59 AM

Aadhar collects minimum demographic and biometric data, says Supreme Court

10:57 AM

Justice Sikri reading out the verdict

Supreme Court’s Justice Sikri begins reading out the verdict on the constitutional validity of #Aadhaar

10:47 AM

Referring to the SC/ST reservation and promotion, SC refuses to refer its 2006 verdict to a larger bench.

10:27 AM

Mukul Rohatgi on data protection

10:26 AM

Right to privacy

Retired HC judge K Puttaswamy is leading a group of petitioners on the ground that Aadhaar violates the right to privacy of individuals.

10:23 AM

The petitions

For a record 38 days, the Supreme Court heard some 27 petitions that had challenged the constitutional validity of Aadhaar and called it a violation of the right to privacy.

Petitions on Record

10:15 AM

The matter 

A five-judge bench led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, Justice A K Sikri, Justice A M Khanwilkar, Justice D Y Chandrachud, Justice Ashok Bhushan will pronounce the verdict.


10:13 AM

Aadhaar: 12-digit Unique Identification Number

The 12-digit Unique Identification Number was made compulsory for services including bank accounts, PAN cards, cellphone services, passport and even driving licenses.