Tera Ghata By Gajendra Verma Analysis

Tera Ghata by Gajendra Verma

Tera Ghata By Gajendra Verma

Gajendra Verma has made it a huge come back in trend post this song, this song named “Tera Ghata” has already crossed the mark of 96+million on youtube. This has not just brought back the singer from the shadow to the limelight but also have sparked off catastrophic controversies in regards to the opinion about this song in the modern era.

Here is the video with lyrics by Gajendra Verma on Tera Ghata song:


What has been most fascinating in this creation by Gajendra Verma is the climax is unconventional, there have been songs while in the end there would be a happy ending for all, but this is not the same in this song.

Let’s analyze the lyrics to understand this better:

Para 1

Kuch soch ke bola hoga tumne
Ye pyaar bhi tola hoga tumne
Ab na hai toh phir na sahi dilbar
Iss dil ko ye samjha liya humne

After many checks and measures, after measuring the intensity of the love that the boy has given the girl has said a no to the proposal by the boy. The boy turns out to accept this as his fate with all due respect post all the emotions that had been attached to the course of their relationship. He assures his heart to move on and let it be as a no instead of doing a fight back to get what he has just lost in the form of a rejection of his love.

Para 2

Isme tera ghata
Mera kuch nahi jata
Zyada pyaar ho jata
Toh main seh nahi pata

In a longer run, the boys understand this as a loss to her and not to him. The boy regrets for loving her so fascinatingly, however, he is relieved that he had not fallen too much in love. The boy affirms that if he had loved her more, he might not be able to sustain this. He must have broken into billions of small pieces that would have shattered on the ground so harshly, that the probability of coming clumsy together would have died down.

Para 3

Kuch khaas tha ye jaan leti jo
Meri nazar se dekha hota tumne
Iss baat ka bas gham hua mujhko
Thodi si bhi koshish naa ki tumne

 Before setting the show-off, the boy urged his last wish to let her know if the girl would have seen the dreams from the eyes of the lover boy, the boy would have shown the plinth to paramount in the journey of their love.

The boy is dissatisfied and feeling pain on the issue that the girl didn’t try at all, she gave up on him like a yes or no, without keeping any discussion or giving a hope to steer out any possible way, the girl simply said a no and that too when they had been living in a relationship from past many years.

Para 4

Socha nahi tha zindagi mein yun milogi
Milke bhi tum na meri ho sakogi
Par yaad aayegi jab bhi tumhari
Shiqayatein na hongi bas dua rahegi

With the boy’s departure, he is surrounded by the glimpse of happy memories the couple shared, the only thought of meeting her in the first place came across his mind. The boy never dreamt of meeting her and losing her after such a long tenure of the relationship was simply what he couldn’t just dream off. The boy promises to himself and to her living inside his heart, a promise that he whenever he would remember her as the drops of water in the rain, he would never ever complain her of anything, but instead he would always pray to the almighty God to keep her better and wish for her betterment throughout the life.

Para 5

Ab aur kya kehna hoga humne
Karna tha jo woh kar liya tumne
Shayad rahun ya na rahun dilbar
Badla kabhi ye faisla tumne

In the grief of sorrow, the boy exclaims, that what else is left to do, he accuses her to have taken all the remaining decisions, he is complaining but not for what is done, but for what could have been done if she would have given him a chance to mutually discuss. The boy sighs as he confesses if the girl changes her mind in future, he is not sure that he would be alive to hear her second thought, that he would be no more in this short span of life on earth.