Crying Groom on wedding, Forced Marriage Pakadua Vivah

Groom forced to marry at Gun Point

Yes, this is a very true face of the culture and traditions found in the country with vivid diversity and hence quiet funny but a true incident recently in the viral WhatsApp videos. The case came up from the Patna, the capital of Bihar state, where a Manager (29years of age) in the Bokaro Steel Plant has been noticed crying and getting married to a woman, with bride’s relatives holding guns pointing towards the groom under dilemma of life and death while marrying and crying with a full urge to set free from the trap.


This is not a single case came into the limelight. The north Indian states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab are known for forced marriage, dowry demand and a high demand of the groom with dowry / Tilak, a ritual is held to gift the groom with enormous wealth that an average middle-class family saves throughout their life journey.

However, there has been a significant drop in the cases registered across the police stations in these states and the positive results are based on the trends mentioned below:

  • Girls are provided opportunities to study further and make their dream careers come true
  • The standard of the society with more educated members of the family has risen to the better decision making in the societies.
  •  The Administration has transformed the approach of strict actions and have added up the counseling sessions and taking the issues handled in a more polite way.
  • The Government programmes and schemes have been exceptionally supporting in uplifting the society.

In a closing note, the focus should be laid on the part where the reforms would target to improve the mindset of the society and bring in the changes desired to represent the country at the global level.