The Guam so important for the USA

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The President of USA defends the security of Guam, warns North Korea to be ready for big, big trouble if anything happens in Guam.

  • Why is the Guam so important for the USA?

  • Why is North Korea keen to attack the Guam?

  • What is the living culture of Guam and what is the history associated with the Guam?

The Guam, some key facts:

  • Capital: Hagatna
  • Citizenship: American by Birth
  • Mode of Government: Non-self-Governing Territories of USA
  • Currency: $ USD
  • Population: 162,742
  • Official Language: English, Chammorro.
The Guam island
Guam island in the view


The history has shown how colonialism once widespread across the globe turned many nations into a merger of existing colonialism and widespread adoption of colonial culture.

Keeping the history of Guam in reference, once Spain had complete control of the territory of Guam, where as the secondary language the most spoken language of Guam belongs to the clan of Spanish culture spread by the early invasion of this island.

The USA decided to take over this territory at the times of World War 2, and understanding the Geographical facts of this island while keeping in mind it’s connectivity to the Japan, the South China Sea, the  East China Sea, the North Korea and the Philippine Sea this territory becomes utmost important for the US.

The North Korea, the nation in news with an anti-democratic govt operations,  has ignored the pressure created by big unions and continents keeping a strict defense on the Nuclear tests and other major tests requiring mutual approval from the Unions of major continents and their respective nations.

For Guam, this is not the first time that they are receiving the threats from the North Korea, keeping in the involvement of trending Nuclear test and tagging US President has picked up the threat this time on a very large scale.

The economic stability of Guam depends majorly upon the business from tourists planning holidays from the neighboring countries like Japan, Indonesia, Philippines. The sector of Tourism and Aviation is heavily backed by the US departments and the privileges are observed by the passengers from the US friendly nations with easy visa norms and facilities.

From the strategy point of view, the US has only this Island apart from Huwai to access its base station in this region, be it China, North Korea, or any other Asian country, if this island goes off the US’s hands, then dominance of US would be significantly dropped. On the contrary side, The North Korea and the US may keep exchanging the hard words while China would enjoy the tussle while keeping itself completely off the bay.