Digital Reach

Save the Children Foundation

Post-Digital Transformation of Indian audience and building up of a new scale by every hour adding hundred plus new audience, the time has come up for the existing business/companies/organization to look out for new things may be nurturing in the days to come.

Going through this advertisement, I noticed the era yet to surpass us. An era where digitalization would be another mode of payment of taxes, allocating funds, innovations to meet the need of the fast-paced lives of Indians in all the three sectors.

How should we perceive this?

  1. Welcoming the new start-ups like Swiggy/FoodPanda/Ola/Uber/Amazon/Flipkart/Online Education Programs/Online Donations, but while doing payments, making a distance from the regular bank accounts by using e-wallets to pay for the services as the architecture of security is bogus at the moment.
  2. Share Market: It is said since very old times that “where work is doable by nail, there is no requirement of swords“. Every person has a unique set of financial life balance in their life, not all forms of financial products suit to everyone.
  3. Bitcoin: Those who have earned their money with difficulties are very much prone to lose their hard earned savings in the market drift. Yes, the time plays a crucial role, if you have patience this is probably the best time to lock up some part of your money for a virtual gambling by investing in any of the virtual currency available to your reach, but yes always remember there is no such thing called “Free Lunch“.
  4. Health Sector: Most of the critical disease are not covered in the normal health insurance plans sold to the consumers having no idea of the pros and cons of having a health insurance. It is becoming a certain requirement in the era where public hospitals are saturated with their out outdated support and services. Remember “Health is Wealth”, insurance is not a profit-seeking investment, but an investment to secure potential losses due to unavoidable health issues.
  5. Adhaar Card: The copy paste concept by the Indian government has been another step which would open it to both Direct benefits and Direct Data leaks. The SSN or Social Security Number very unique Identity of citizens of America gives them the direct benefit of Identity and support services by the public facilities.